…of couples and guests that have come to Spain

“Before going to Barcelona, we were a bit worried thinking that holding a celebration without our parents or siblings could be a little lonely. However we are now most pleased with our decision. The ceremony has been cozy and lovely and the breakfast party with a wedding cake and cava has been a lot of fun, thanks to the warmth of both the members of J.W. and our hosts at the Casa Batlló.” (K & Y)
“I would have never imagined that we would be coming to Barcelona to celebrate our daughter’s wedding. It is the first time we go abroad and we are delighted. After a heartwarming ceremony, we had the most delicious food under a hundred-and-fifty-year-old pine tree, a symbol of good luck in our culture. It has simply been great!” (MY – The mother of the bride)
“How enjoyable it was to run barefoot in Barcelona’s Gothic quarter. My wedding shoes were killing me and I decided to take them off. Obviously, the coordinator advised me to be very careful, but she made me feel free to do as I pleased. The photographs taken when I was in that elated mood could have well been taken from a fashion magazine.” (A I – The bride)
“We are very happy to have come to Barcelona to celebrate our wedding. Everything has been above our expectations. Renting an apartment with Lodging in Barcelona was a great idea, as all the members of our family could enjoy of this vacation abroad while feeling really at home.” ( M & K)
“Our celebration at a gorgeous space within Palau de la Música was a dream. The long musical tradition of that building made us feel like wanting a concert for just our guests and ourselves. The experience was overwhelming. Thanks to the impressive photographs we received we will never forget that ceremony or that very special place.” (Y & M)
“The ceremony in the castle was really exciting and the view of Montserrat mountain on the horizon was most impressing. It was like experiencing life in Europe in the Middle Ages. After the ceremony we had a party in which we were served a vast array of delicacies in a well-known winery in the Penedés region. It was excellent! I am happy I took a few days off from work to be with my best friend the day she married.” (NS – A friend of the bride)
“When I looked at myself in the mirror, I knew I was right to have followed the make up artist’s advice. The make up she did for me helped me discover a new aspect of myself that I really like!” (AY – The bride)
“Weddings in Japan tend to be so formal. On the contrary, my daughter’s ceremony in this country has been full of spontaneity. We all felt very comfortable. I myself, being very keen on photography, felt free to follow the photographer’s steps and learn from his shots. I am sure that my friends will think that I have taken a course on photography when actually I have only been to my daughter’s wedding.” (KS – The father of the bride)
“What a nice idea it was to come with my son-in-law’s family! Our places of residence are so far apart that we did not have many chances to meet before the wedding. Because of the ceremony, we decided to rent together a short-term apartment in Barcelona. It worked very well as we could finally have a real family encounter. This trip has been a great opportunity to strengthen our family ties.” (YK – The mother of the bride)
“At the very beginning, I intended to organize the wedding by myself, but my work schedule prevented me from doing so. I am very pleased to have entrusted it to professionals. I got along with the coordinator from the very first moment we met. It was not only a pleasure, but also was very relaxing to see that she planned everything the way I would have done it. Well, a little better as her contributions improved my original plan. She even took care of the smallest details. The invitation cards, my bouquet and our wedding cake, for example, matched the design, colors and textures of my wedding gown!” (KN – The bride)
“I work in Spain but my wife had never been here before the wedding. So, I have to confess I was a little worried. However thanks to the good work of the coordinators and to the kindness of their team, the ceremony was perfect for both parties, my Spanish friends and colleagues and the members of our families who came from Japan. Everybody felt at home because the ceremony was bilingual and the multicultural atmosphere made us all feel very comfortable.”  (HO – The groom)
“I used to study in Salamanca. This is why it occurred to me that celebrating our wedding ceremony in Spain would be the best way to go back to the country that I loved so much. My wife is not only delighted to have met my old friends, but also excited about our ceremony in one of Gaudí’s most spectacular buildings. We are very happy with our choice.” (KU – The groom)
“We are very traditional, this is why we wanted to get married in our country surrounded by friends and the members of our family. Yet, we really wanted to have photo reportage of our honeymoon in Europe. We had our dream come true. We really enjoyed our photo tour around the most representative buildings of Modernism in Barcelona. We loved every minute of it!” (Y & S)
“My husband was not going to give up. He wanted to use our savings to go to Barcelona to see a soccer game. As per myself, I wanted to use them for our wedding ceremony, so, I thought there was nothing to lose proposing him a cozy ceremony at a Romanesque chapel in Barcelona, followed by a photo tour at Camp Nou, all that before going to see the game in the evening. Well, he thought it was a great idea and by doing it this way, both of us got what we wanted. When we were at Camp Nou, we happened to meet a TV crew that was fascinated with our love story and insisted in interviewing us. Life is really strange! We were the ones wanting to see the stars, and by going to Camp Nou, WE became the stars of the day!!” (MS – The bride)
“When we got married, we did not have the opportunity to have a wedding ceremony. Therefore we decided to celebrate properly for our tenth anniversary. We had the confirmation of our marriage in the arbor of a beautiful botanical garden with spectacular views over the Mediterranean Sea. For the photo tour, we went back to Barcelona. It was a true honeymoon, a new start for us.” (Y & H)


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