…of some couples that came to Japan to get married or to celebrate an anniversary

“Last year we celebrated our silver wedding anniversary and we had the great idea of going back to Japan, a country that we had visited previously and that amazed us with the riches of its culture and the kindness of its people. Joia Weddings helped us put together a ceremony in a World Heritage Temple in Kyoto. It was a dream, really. We had our grown-up children come with us and we all found that the ceremony was charmingly exotic. After the ceremony, Joia Weddings organized a lovely dinner for us that was not only delicious, but also very creative. The experience was very different from what we would have had in our country had we celebrated our anniversary there. It was very refreshing indeed.” (J & B)
“We had our civil wedding in the Balearic Islands and we went to Japan for our honeymoon. We organized the trip by ourselves hoping we would find moments and places full of romance and indeed, we did. Without telling my wife, I got in touch with Joia Weddings and asked them to put together a Shinto ceremony for us. It was incredible how Joia Weddings could organize such a perfect wedding considering the short notice I gave them. For both of us, my wife and myself, the experience was overwhelming and we highly recommend it to our friends when they ask for advice on wedding ceremonies.” (A & C)
“I speak three languages and a couple of years ago, I started studying a forth one: Japanese. It was in my Japanese class that I met my husband to be. So, when we decided to marry it seemed almost natural to think about having a wedding in the most traditional Japanese style. To our disappointment, we soon realized that in Spain, it would be impossible; therefore, we decided to go to Japan. Our second disappointment came when we realized it was extremely difficult (if not impossible) to organize our ceremony from Spain. It did not seem very easy to obtain the necessary permits from the Shrines and communication was always a problem. That is why we made our mind up and asked Joia Weddings to do everything for us. They did a great job and at all times respected our wishes. What it was astonishing was to see that our wedding in Japan was much less expensive than we had expected.” (ML – The bride)
“I would like to say thank you to Joia Weddings for having made my dream come true. Our wedding ceremony was held in a Shinto Shrine in the most traditional Japanese way. We were happy to receive proper advice on what we should wear, what we should do and say in the Shrine, on how to organize our dinner, and even on the places we should visit during our stay in Japan. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for having made so simple what it could have become unbearably difficult had we tried to do it by ourselves from the distance without speaking a word of Japanese!” (P & H)


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