Here is your ceremony’s agenda, starting from the planning to the great day and later, to the delivery of your photo album.

  • First, please get in touch with us. You can do it by phone, mail or sending the questionnaire filled up to us.
  • Joia Weddings then gets in touch with you to confirm your needs.
  • After an exchange of views, you confirm the date, venue and services you desire.
  • You will also confirm optional services you would like to have.
  • Joia Weddings confirms the availability of the venue, your preferred dates and optional services.
  • In short you will receive an estimate for your approval.
  • Finally, the agreement between you and Joia Weddings is signed.
  • Upfront payment on account of the final bill is made.

  • Our planning team starts working on your ceremony.
  • Our coordinator keeps in contact with you to inform you of the progress and to decide on the details.
  • Changes, if necessary, are made.

  • A couple of weeks before the ceremony, the full payment is made.
    Services added at the last minute will be billed after the ceremony.

  • If you opt for this service, a driver (with or without the coordinator) fetches you at the airport and takes you to your chosen accommodation.
  • The coordinator fetches you at the airport and you all take public transport to your chosen accommodation (optional service).
  • If you need to do any ceremony-related shopping, our coordinator will assist you (optional service)
  • The day before the ceremony, a briefing will be held to confirm the agenda of your ceremony and all related details.

The following is just an example, as the agenda may change according to the chosen venue, date and your needs.

8:30 Our coordinator and the hairstylist/makeup artist arrive to your accommodation. Preparations begin.
10:00  The photographer arrives to capture the last moments of the preparations.
10:30  The party leaves towards the ceremony location.
11:15 Arrival to the location. First photo session.
11:45 The ceremony starts.
12:15 Aperitif time
12:45     Second photo session.
13:00   The party leaves for the photo tour.
15:30   Return to your accommodation.

A driver fetches you at your hotel or apartment (with or without a coordinator) and takes you to the airport (optional service).

Lead time for the photographic report and the photo album (optional service) is between 4 and 6 weeks after the ceremony.

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