Basic plan and optional services

For ceremonies in Japan

Basic plan:
  • Consultancy and coordination
  • Contract with the chosen venue
  • Translation of documents and general briefing before the ceremony
  • Live gagaku music for the ceremony (included in certain Shinto Shrines)
  • Ceremony celebrant and his assistants
  • Auspicious gifts (if the ceremony takes place at a Shinto Shrine) 
  • Commemorative certificate
  • Bilingual coordinator
  • Transportation service on the wedding day

Optional services:

  • Kimono rental for the bride and groom
  • Helpers to dress the bride and groom
    (if a kimono is your chosen outfit, this service is indispensable)
  • Kimono rental for your guests
  • Hair dressing
  • Ceremony photography
  • Photo tour in the city or place of our choice
  • Designer photo album
  • Mini album for your family and/or friends
  • Commemorative DVD
  • Design and printing of customized invitations
  • Customized digital invitations
  • Presents for guests
  • Customized engagement/wedding/anniversary rings
  • Transfer from the airport to your accommodation (with or without a bilingual coordinator)
  • Airport pickup service (the coordinator and yourselves use public transport)
  • Transfer from your accommodation to the airport (with or without a bilingual coordinator)
  • Transfer service for your guests
  • Japanese style flower arrangement “mari bouquet” (the bride holds it in her hands), flower arrangements for the chosen venue (if appropiate), hair ornaments for the bride
  • Live music
  • Arrangements for a wedding lunch or dinner
  • Tourist guide and transportation service
  • Rental of prepaid mobile phones

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